£35 per hour

 Whether you’re testing the water, have a one off project you would like my help with, or needing ad hoc support, then an hourly rate would suit you. My time is tracked, rounded up or down to the nearest 15 minutes and you receive a breakdown along with your invoice. This is for a minimum of 1 hour per month.


10 hours = £300 per month

20 hours = £500 per month

A package guarantees my time for an agreed number of hours per month, at a discounted rate. You will always know in advance what you will pay. Payment is required in advance.

social media support

from £120 per month

One size does not fit all so please get in touch for a bespoke quote that is tailored exactly to you.


Benefits of hiring a VA over taking on an employee

• I do not charge for my breaks as you may do an employee.

• You do not have the cost of providing me with a computer, workspace, software, rates and utilities

• You do not have the cost of administering me onto a payroll system, employee pension contributions or national insurance contributions.

•You do not have to pay for me to take a holiday! With an employee you would usually pay around 4 weeks full time holiday pay plus bank holidays.

• You do not have to pay for my ongoing training – I invest my own time and money to keep my knowledge up to date.

• You do not have the health and safety obligations that come with having an employee.

• You don’t have the other legal statutory obligations that come with having an employee such as parental leave and maternity leave.