my story

My name is Emilia and if I start off by telling you my family have nicknamed me “Miss Organisation”. I love nothing more than an itinerary and don’t even get me started on ticking jobs off on a “to do” list. 

I also think it’s important to mention that I am a wife and also a mum to two little boys Oscar and Arthur. I totally get how hard it is trying to do everything, being a mum, do all the jobs at home, run a business and if you’re really lucky squeeze in a bit of “you time”. But this is what I try to say to people - you don’t have to do everything yourself. I genuinely want to help people by lightening the load and creating more time for what’s important.



I am based in Bourne, Lincolnshire near to both Peterborough and Stamford. Although, this is the beauty of what I do- it doesn’t really matter where my clients are based, as everything is done remotely many of my clients I don’t actually meet, regular calls and emails ensures excellent communication. Obviously, if you are local, I would love nothing more than to meet for a cuppa (sorry I don’t do coffee) and have a natter about what you do and how I can help.

If you’re unsure whether a Virtual Assistant could be of help then please get in touch to arrange a consultation so I can spend some time getting to know you and your business and try and pin point those areas where you could use some extra support.


where am I based?

background & experience

My employment background is in weddings and special events. I’ve lost count, but I have coordinated hundreds from start to finish. This would involve liaising with the bride and groom or clients and suppliers, working on all the final details with huge attention to detail, ensuring every detail is planned to perfection and the whole event runs like clockwork. 

More recently I have worked in the beauty and leisure industry, managing a spa and ladies only gym. Although these are the areas where I have gained my experience and expertise, the skills I have built up over the years can be applied to a multitude of industries. All my roles have been extremely customer focused and customer facing, my administrative skills are strong but I also pride myself on excellent customer service.

I have excellent communication skills and am friendly and easy to work with. I admire anyone that has taken the leap and started their own business from scratch as I now know how daunting it can be, and I promise to be just as passionate about your business as you are.